Wake Up Your Mind

W.U.Y.M is a 501(c) non-profit organization focused on empowering our communities through opportunities, resources, and mentorship.


Wake Up Your Mind

Our mission is to rebuild impoverished communities by establishing innovative initiatives and programs that deliver real solutions and empowers each and every individual. We strive to support, encourage, inform, and unify. 

Change the Narrative & Empower our Community

Let us not dwell on what’s wrong with our communities, but instead put forward the efforts to shift the direction. Our cities are filled with successful minorities, but they fail to receive recognition. We vow to highlight key people of interests in our very own zip codes, while also teaming up with them in similar interests to show the strength we gain as we unite.

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Our Impact

Health Care Resources for Our Community

As we grow, so do our relationships with health care professionals. Information regarding your health concerns are provided through our current and future initiatives, while suggesting services through certain practices who we align ourselves with.

Youth Mentorships

Through our youth mentorship programs, we provide a wide range of mentors who have made achievements & has experiences in life that the next generation can learn from. Lawyers, teachers, contractors, doctors, and more who were all born & raised in the same exact neighborhoods we cater to.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Our financial literacy workshops are focused on educating and informing our community on the importance of financial fitness through proper money management, establishing and maintaining good credit, debt management, investment opportunities, asset ownership, and more.

Self-Defense and Discipline Classes

Having a lot to do with mental health, our discipline classes cater but aren’t limited to “at-risk” boys & girls who are currently effected by their daily environments. This aspect of our organization trains the mind to deflect negativity when you see it is necessary, while converting it to strength. Physically & mentally. This, in time, will especially make change in gun violence.

Mental Wellness Resources

All of our initiatives & programs tie into mental wellness. The fact that everything we do effects the mind directly is a core value in itself. Our mentors, the thoughts, & ideas they provide are our mental wellness resources, along with actual psychotherapists we pledge to partner with for long term goals, considering.

Events and Community Drives

Our events range from every week to every month. There’s always something to look forward to that will spark the mind of individuals looking to be enlightened. Besides our events scheduled, feeding the homeless, book bag drives & things of that nature are aspects that you can directly donate to, and if you’d like, pull up on the exact date to assist in the physical give backs. Our website is updated monthly so you’re able to check back at your convenience to put on your schedule what you’d like to be a part of.

Our Initiatives

Health & Wellness

Our community health check ins, our performing arts/health program, and our docuseries are the 3 initiatives we’ve developed that directly impacts the mental health aspect of us. As stated in more ways than one, mental health is at our top priority of what we focus on, keeping the tasks on our mind, with the passion of executing solutions.
Check out more info on ‘Stay Woke’ Community Health Check Ins, & ‘What’s Up: Your Health!’ to see how you can donate or get involved.


When you sign up or reference a minor to our programs in our organization, there will always be a mentor available who’s main job is to check on them. In a broader view, we vow to stay consistent in making sure our youth are mentally, emotionally & physically fit to take on tasks, uneasy and tough alike. We begin this with ‘Wake Me Up!’ Virtual Mentor Program.

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Art in Action

With the blending of Performing Arts & Exercise, we’ve created a program that addresses the needs of the youth in a unique way. Every week during a regular calendar month, there will be a specific topic for that class. Will range from Drama, Vocal, Dance & Health Wellness.

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