“Narrow The Narrative” Long Sleeve T-Shirt



On the right arm sleeve, in blue lettering says Only Us Can Save Us & on the left arm sleeve says Narrow The Narrative. The organization logo is placed at the top of the tree, that has doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. at the bottom, being the roots of the trees, symbolizing what W.U.Y.M stands for. Meaning, as we uplift & support one another, our communities will thrive & the people living in them will become successful in the years to come.

(In Darker Color)

The deep orange & blue used on these versions of the shirts gives it a prominent finish & adds depth to our purpose.

(The Usual)

The normal sky blue & orange is our standard colors used in our logo & the majority of our content. The boldness of the blue represents solidarity & strength. The orange represents peace & unity.

When you purchase a shirt, 100% of the funds go towards one of our 4 active initiatives. If you’d like to review & choose which initiative you want your money to go to, please email us at info@wuymphl.org


Large, Medium, Small, XL


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